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Settling In

At Rainbow Bicester, we work as a team with parents and carers to ensure all children are comfortable and happy in our setting and look forward to coming to pre-school. 


We operate a Key Person system to ensure that every child’s care and education is tailored to meet their individual needs, helping the child to become familiar with the setting and  with their transition from home into Pre-school. 


This approach provides a much more settled relationship for the child and develops positive relationships with parent/carers ensuring a real parent/provision partnership. Before joining the setting we encourage children to come for a visit with their carers and we ask parents to fill in a 'getting to know me' form so we can ensure children are engaged on subjects they enjoy and feel comfortable with. 


Working together in partnership allows staff the best insight into the next steps for individual children helping them to attain the goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Moving on

Rainbow Bicester works closely with Glory Farm School and other local schools to ensure continuity and progression for all children in our care. Our aims, values and structures are similar and we work with the same curriculum. Each childs work within the Foundation Stage and their progress is recorded and goes on with each child to whichever Primary School they will be attending.

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